LZ George – 2009 (1969 Firebirds)

 firebirds 2009 lz george

Firebirds 2009! (Kaz, George, Randy, Davy, Ski, Stan, Terry and Vic)

The 1969 era 71st Assault Helicopter Company “Firebirds” gathered at LZ George this past week for R&R to celebrate their 40th anniversary! (Military lingo LZ is Landing Zone.) The call sign “Firebird” was used by UH-1B, C & M gunships, some of the most feared gunships in all of Vietnam.
These men fought, lived and breathed for each other years ago while based at Chu Lai, Vietnam. The circumstances of war 40 years ago brought these men together, and they still remain a strong brotherhood today.
These Firebirds landed successfully at LZ George, nestled in the woods of north Georgia. The Firebirds retreat here every other spring for R&R, in this case, refuel and replenish. R&R (rest and recooperation) will come when they get home. This group of Firebirds is from the ‘Summer of 1969.’ All the Firebirds from that group couldn’t attend, but they all agreed to continue the Firebird Reunion as long as possible.
It’s party time for now! The Firebird Party Room was once again alive and kicking with high tales of flight, danger, loss, and just plain fun.

firebirds 2009Firebirds at their best!

firebirds 2009Fire Team Leaders-1969
 birebirds at their best

Team Leaders mixin magic…notice the Firebird rocket fuel on the shelf behind them. It’s their very own Firebird fuel in two varieties -Rocket Red’ and ‘Willy Pete White’ (that’s white phosphorous for the non-military).

at the barBreakfast with the Birds!
mchugh memorial
McHugh Memorial photo
Kelly McHugh liked ‘flip the bird’ in his Vietnam photos.
Look closely at their hands – – – – what do you see?
Kelly couldn’t be with us – so we gave him a memorial salute.

george at the firebird barFirebird George, host of LZ George, Firebird Reunion 2009.
George is actually Jim, but in Vietnam he was affectionately given the name George since he was from Georgia. The name has been with him ever since.

Soar proudly Firebirds! Cheers to you all!
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