Coming Home-Memorial Day Tribute to Cpt. Crosby

This video was done by the Indian River City United Methodist Church in Titusville, Florida, which is being shown at all their services this Memorial Day weekend.

It’s titled “Coming Home” a Memorial Day tribute and thank you to my brother, Capt Herbert C. Crosby who was listed MIA Vietnam, January 10, 1970. (Herby was born on traditional Memorial Day, 1947.) His remains were identified November 2006, and he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, May 25, 2007.

Through his love and sacrifice to God and country, along with his return home to American soil, he has also brought me home. A message was sent through Herby using Chaplain Col. William (Whiz) Broome as the messenger, and I listened.

I hope you listen also. Remember our fallen heroes, along with our troops and their families. Never forget and never stop honoring them.

Thank you, Herby. Thank you, Whiz. And most importantly, thank you, God.

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1 Response to Coming Home-Memorial Day Tribute to Cpt. Crosby

  1. Robert says:

    Thanks Mary Lou!!! Great Job!!And Thanks for the card you sent me too!! Have a Great Week!!!


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