It’s Still There-Firebird 91

grave july 2009WOW, it’s still there. Yes, the photo I left at my brother’s grave last December (2008) at Arlington National Cemetery is still there, as of July 31st that is. This is truly amazing.

If you’ve read my post (Memorial Day 2009) you know that Flamingo 91 left the photo at Firebird 91’s grave December 2008, when she was laying wreaths as a volunteer for the Wreaths Across America event.  (Click on the wreath icon to the right to see how you too can help with this wonderful, humbling event.)

Flamingo 91 made up a couple collages of photos so both front and back of the photo had various information about Firebird 91, Capt. Herbert C. Crosby. Front shown above.

There is a back side to this, (sorry but no longer have that photo to show). It was a photo of the back of the helmet of Firebird 91 (Crosby) as pilot in Vietnam, along with the 71st Assault Helicopter Company Firebird patch. This photo above is the first photo I’ve received from anyone who has visited his grave and sent me a photo.

My cousin Amy was visiting Washington, D.C. to attend the Paul McCartney concert with her son. While there they took in some sight-seeing and of course, went to Arlington National Cemetery. She took these photos for me as I had told her about the photo asking her to let me know if it was still there.

I am truly amazed though of how long this photo has remained at his grave marker. Usually items are not left there that long either by being picked up by maintenance crews or just being blown away by mother nature. Someone, and bless you whoever you are, made sure the photo remained as it was tucked in front of the marker at the bottom to hold it in place through all this time. You can see it peeking up from the bottom here.

If you ever visit Arlington National Cemetery do stop by to pay your respects to Capt. Crosby at Section 60, plot 557 at the corner of Eisenhower and York Drive. Let me know if the photo is still there.

You were never, nor will you ever be forgotten my dear brother, now resting in peace at home.

I plan to attend the annual wreath laying again this December and if the photo is still there I will take it home with me and leave another one in it’s place.

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  1. Greybeard says:

    Gotta believe there is great respect being shown by the grounds crew, ML.And I hope that brings you peace and comfort.


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