Remembering Firebird 91 and Crew

firebird nine one crew pencil drawingToday is the 40th anniversary of the loss of Firebird Nine One and crew.

Looking Back…from the Donalsonville News, issue of January 15, 1970.

“Capt. Herby Crosby has been reported as missing in action in Vietnam since Saturday, January 10. He was a pilot on a gunship in a helicopter squadron and went overseas on February 12, 1969…No other details of the young man’s fate were known as The News goes to press. The entire community joins in prayer that he will be found safe, soon.”

There was no safe, but thankfully “soon” came some 37 years later, November 28, 2006, when his remains were officially identified. He was buried May 25, 2007, at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. It was a day I will never forget, just as the day when our family was visited by Army officials telling us of Herby’s status.

Our family was one of a fortunate few who have been able to find some closure. We are so thankful our prayers were answered. I can’t begin to write now about how the answered prayers have changed many lives, but they have. The 37 years were meant to unfold exactly as they have with bringing together new friends and family.

There is still one person unaccounted for from the Firebird 91 crew and that is WO George Andrew (Andy) Howes (co-pilot). I pray now for him and his family that he will be accounted for soon and ask you do the same. Andy will never be forgotten, nor all the POW/MIAs who so bravely gave their lives for us all. There are over 1,700 of our warriors from the Vietnam “conflict” who are still Missing in Action. Never forget.

Wonderful memories will always be with me of my brother Herby. He was loved by many. We miss him, and remember him today, as every day.

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