A Soldier in Panama, Salute to our Fallen Warriors

I thank all our veterans who have sacrificed their lives in serving our country in the name of freedom, and our flag, for which it stands for. I thank all our living veterans and all our active military personnel in respect and honor of what they do, and why. Yet, today, traditional Memorial Day, I thank God for those who throught the years gave their ultimate sacrifice to start our country and to defend our country, the wonderful United States of America.

I found this poem in a box of memoriabilia that belonged to my father, Herb Crosby, who is on my mind every day. Dad served in World War Two enlisting January 10, 1941, in the US Army Air Corp. He was 20 years old at the time. (Ironically, he enlisted on the same month and day (January 10) that his first born, Capt. Herbert C. Crosby, US Army, lost his life while in service to his country in Vietnam, listed as Missing in Action for 37 years.) Dad served until 1945, returning with deep memories of his time in the Panama Canal Zone, Panama.  I have searched the internet to see if the poem was his own or a copy of  someone elses that protrayed his, and his comrades, agony and dispare. The handwriting on the poem is my father’s, indeed. Yet, I do not know if it is truly of his creating or not.

The poem sends its message without interpretation (I have typed it exactly as written):

A Soldier in Panama
Down where there are no 10 Commandments,
And a man can raise a thirst,
Lies the outcast of civilization,
the victims of life at its worst.
Down on the gin soaked Isthmus are
the men that God forgot.
Battling the snakes, mosquitos, itch
and Chinese rot.
Nobody knows they’re living, and
nobody gives a damn.
Back home these soon forgotten,
those boys of Uncle Sam,
living with the natives,
Down in the sweltering sun
Down by the man-made river,
3000 miles from home.
Drenched with sweat in the evenings
they sit on their bunks and dream,
killing themselves with liquor,
to dam up memories stream.

May all veterans, from all wars be respectfully honored for their service, their courage, their perseverance, their love of country, and for many their ultimate sacrifice. Decorate their graves with honor.

With esteemed heartfelt love to all veterans.  God bless you and your families, past, present and future. You were and are true American heroes.

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2 Responses to A Soldier in Panama, Salute to our Fallen Warriors

  1. Abigai says:

    I found this poem in my grandfather’s belongs as well. There were some minor differences and two extra stanzas on my copy, which is typed on type writer. My grandfather served in panama as well. I would love to ask more about it.


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