POW/MIA Recognition Day 2010

powmia recognition day
Never forget. Teach your children.
Rolling Thunder’s The Ride Home
(The Chapters of Rolling Thunder® host a special weekend to honor all former Prisoners Of War and to remember those still Missing In Action.
September 16-19, 2010, Andersonville, Georgia. The National Museum of POW/MIAs.
This event is held in conjunction with the National POW/MIA Recognition Day 2010.)

Flamingo 91 is remembering the crew of Firebird 91, lost January 10, 1970, South Vietnam. All but one have been repatriated, identified and buried now in American soil. The remaining crew member, CWO George Andrews Howes (Andy) is still unaccounted for. Although declared dead in later years he is still Missing in Action. He is still in our hearts and prayers. He is still never forgotten. He is still our brother. He is still in our hearts, and will always be in God’s hands, forever and ever.

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