Capt. Crosby Funeral by Rolling Thunder

Last month I contacted the president of the Viriginia Chapter 3 Rolling Thunder to invite them to the funeral of WO3 George Andrew Howes at Arlington National Cemetery, August 5.  This chapter, including many, many other Rolling Thunder chapters across the country, along with Patriot Guard Riders who attended my brother’s (Capt. Herbert C Crosby) funeral held 25 May 2007. Their presence was awesome and touched our family deeply. I knew they should be at Andy’s funeral also.

I received a call shortly before leaving for Arlington by one of the members who confirmed their attendance and secured all the information needed. He, and his wife had attended Herby’s funeral and he, along with their chapter was honored to do the same for Andy. He also told me he had over a 100 photos that their photographer (who is a Smithsonian photographer) took at Herby’s funeral so he’d burn a CD to give to me when we met up at Andy’s funeral.

I put the photos together for a short slideshow here to give you a beautiful view of the funeral from the perspective of the Rolling Thunder. It displays a super overall view of the funeral, and the touching moments thoughout. Enjoy and remember.

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