Merry Christmas Herby!

Thank you Wreaths Across America! Thank you Diehard and Digits and all Vietnam Veterans who helped lay these wreath on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery on December 10, 2011. I couldn’t make it this year to lay the wreath myself, but one of my dear Vietnam Vet brothers did so for me and I am so touched by their mission.
This is such a beautiful photo which for me brings such a bittersweet feeling. I’ve been there each December for the past four years to lay wreaths. I’ve touched this headstone so many times in the December cold that just looking at the photo I can feel the cool, cold marble stone surface on my fingers as if I was touching it now. I can feel the breeze and smell of the air as it flows around me as I sit next to this stone. I can feel the honor, the sacred ground reaching out to me. I can hear them speak in the breeze. It’s a most wonderful, soulful feeling one can never forget. Visit your heroes and listen to their stories. They will talk to you if you just listen.
Remember our fallen, teach our young about them, and never, ever forget them.
Merry Christmas Herby.
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