National POW/MIA Recognition Day 2012 – Do They Know?

2012 POW/MIA poster from DPMO

Do they know?
Do they know it’s POW/MIA Recognition Day?
Do they know some have not forgotten them?
Do they know some of us still care?
Do they know they were knowingly left behind?
Do they know their family loves and misses them?
Do they know the families still fight for their accounting, for their return home?

Do you know?
Do you care?

I do.

Read An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of Americans Abandoned in Southeast Asia to learn the truth. Then, answer the questions above.

My brother was MIA for 37 years before his remains were identified. There is still hope for our Vietnam heroes who could possibly still be alive.

Support the National League of POW/MIA Families and learn what is being done to account for each of our Missing in Action and Prisoners of War from ALL wars.

POWs and MIA families are being recognized and honored this day, this weekend by the Rolling Thunder in Americus, Georgia, at the National POW Museum at the Andersonville National Historic Site (site of the most horrific Civil War Prisoner of War camp).

Take time this day to remember these warriors and their families. Visit one of the websites noted above to read at least just a snippet of information. Teach your young.

Will they care you remember them?
Will they know you care?
Will they give up hope?
Do they miss you?
Do they know?
Do you care?

I care. I care they know I care. I will never give up hope. I will never forget. I will not abandon them.
What about you?

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1 Response to National POW/MIA Recognition Day 2012 – Do They Know?

  1. I remember. I care. I was a kid in the 70s and I wore a POW bracelet for the longest time. I have no idea what happened to it but would love to find it. I'm sure its still in my mother's house on our farm in Arkansas. Everything is still in that house. I often wonder about my POW and wish I could remember his name…


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