Capt. Crosby Awarded Purple Heart – 43 years later

purple heart medal

Purple Heart- 43 years later

I received a call from the Army Casualty Office at Fort Knox recently informing me that Herby has been awarded the Purple Heart. His Purple Heart Medal and Certificate will be formally presented to mom on March 28th at Vista Manor Nursing Home where she now resides.

I was told that investigation of several soldiers had been done in regard to receiving medals, and in Herby’s case, it was determined that he should have been and therefore now has been awarded the Purple Heart. We are thrilled that he has received this distinguished medal for his sacrifice. I rather he was here to receive it himself but I am happy mom is still alive to accept it.  When I told her about the Purple Heart she said, “Good. It took long enough.”
It will be a short, simple presentation conducted by Capt. Tweedy who is stationed in Orlando. The Army Public Affairs office is also sending a photographer/journalist for photos and interview for an article in one of the military magazines.
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