Liz Flick, POW/MIA Coordinator receives Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Award

Liz Flick, State and Regional Coordinator for the National League of Families (Ohio Chapter) is receiving a special award this evening from the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Foundation in Dublin, Ohio.

Liz is the only person [that I know of and this includes family members] who wore a POW/MIA bracelet with my brother’s name, Capt. Herbert Crosby, on it for 35 continuous years. She wore it from 1973 until she found out his remains were identified in 2007. Yes, continuously. Read her story He Went with Me Always for 35 Years and how I came to have this special bracelet which is mounted on the plaque in this photo.


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2 Responses to Liz Flick, POW/MIA Coordinator receives Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame Award

  1. Rick miles says:

    Ms. Flick is probably the most dedicated Person I’ve met, in reguards to the POW-MIA program for the last 40 years. I remember getting my first bracelet When I was 14 years old. 3 years later I was a United States marine. And for that I thank Liz. And to this day I wear a bracelet for one of the most respected Americans that ever joined the military . To mention , this young man gave up a multi million dollar football contract , to serve his country. I think this shows the pride , respect and love the pro athlete Had for his country. And it’s people like Liz that are able to keep this young man in our hearts and prayer, that goes out to his wife and family. Thank you Liz as we say in the marine corps ( Bravo Zulu ). God bless . As for the NFL players that kneel for our National anthem , if I was the commissioner, you’d be in the soup line . Respect fully . RJM 🇺🇸 USMC Retired.


    • Thank you Rick, for not only your comment, but for your service to our country. Means so very much, so very, very much to me. I will make sure Liz knows of your comments here. Have a very happy Christmas and holiday season. God bless you and your family.


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