POW/MIA Recognition Day 2016

pow_mia_poster_2016It’s National POW/MIA Recognition Day today. If you’re a member of my family, close friend, you know the pain we lived for years, waiting, praying, seeking, and hoping for information about my brother, Herby (Capt. Herbert C Crosby). He was listed MIA January 10, 1970. Lives certainly changed forever that day.

After 37 years our family became as “success story” with the National League of POW/MIA Families. Herby’s remains had been repatriated, and identified, and now buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Never giving up hope. Prayers answered in a way we preferred not, but they were answered, and we are forever grateful to the League and to the Department of POW/MIA Accounting for their tireless work in the accountability process. (It’s a daunting, never ending job, yet so very rewarding.)

Today, I remember and honor all the POWs and MIAs and their families. I personally know two Hanoi Hilton POWs who are alive today. I’ve met and had fellowship with many POWs from WWII to Vietnam. Their lives, their families, deserve today’s recognition to let them know we love them, we care, and we never gave up on them, ever. Once we give up on our defenders, we have no country. Think about that, I can only imagine. My hope today is that everyone take a moment to teach your young about who these soldiers were, these real life heroes who some sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Earlier this month I received a notice to approve a post on Herby’s website. I must tell you this touched my heart deeply because, well, you read his story (in the comments section of this site’s home page) and you’ll know why. It starts off:

My grandfather served in Vietnam and retired from the military. As a boy growing up my grandpa always told me he served his time so I didn’t have to. Honoring our service men and women Has always been the 11th commandment for our family and POWs and MIAs have always been close to my family’s hearts.

In the summer of 2001,

So many these days don’t know, don’t care, yet bright stars drop in my InBox every so often to let me know they have or had a bracelet with my brother’s name on it. Their stories are unique, and so alike, they’re about caring.

Never forget.

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