The History Guy – 71st Assault Helicopter Company and Herby

WOW! This little story is huge, at least to me. Last week I received a Message from a friend sharing a video he saw on The History Guy YouTube channel. He was sure I probably had seen it but sent it anyway [I had not seen it].

My eyes were glued to the screen as The History Guy showed a Challenge Coin, the very one a Summer of ’69 Firebird sent to me a few months ago. “That’s the Firebird Challenge Coin,” I said to myself. He was telling the Firebird history, including my brother. As I kept watching my ears heard “Firebird Nine One” and “Captain Herbert C Crosby” which needless to say, honed in my senses to ear more as my eyes started tearing up.

Here is what I watched, and became overwhelmed when he mentions Herby and the website I have for him. I had wondered as to why “views” to his website had spiked considerably. Watch below video and you’ll know why also.

Had to share this awesome video with you all. It’s an excellent history of the 71st Assault Helicopter Company at ChuLai, and of course, the part about Herby, from Donalsonville, Georgia, is priceless to me.

Enjoy! #thehistoryguy, #firebird91, #71stahc

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