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Escorting the Traveling Wall to Wickham Park

Fabulous day. Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter One (RTFL1) members gathered at Kay’s BBQ in Cocoa for breakfast before heading to the staging area at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC) for the escort. Members of the Vietnamese Unforgettable Memories Foundation (VN3KT) joined … Continue reading

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Gold Star 50th Vietnam Lapel Pin

I was honored, and pinned, Sunday, April 28, by the Vietnamese Unforgettable Memories Foundation (VN3NK) from Orlando, at the Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter One monthly meeting. What an unexpected surprise. It’s a beautiful lapel pin, which I will proudly wear … Continue reading

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Always a Sad Day – January 10, 1970

It’s hard every year on this day, even though it’s been 49 years ago. Forty-nine years just doesn’t seem possible but it is. My brother, Herby, died in a tragic casualty of war. The Vietnam War. He and his crew … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago, May 25, 2007. Crosby Burial at Arlington National Cemetery

Ten years ago, May 25, 2007. I was at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) burying remains of my brother, Herby [Capt. Herbert C. Crosby]. The funeral was beyond what I ever dreamed it could be. The patriotic grandeur, the glory it … Continue reading

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POW/MIA Recognition Day 2016

It’s National POW/MIA Recognition Day today. If you’re a member of my family, close friend, you know the pain we lived for years, waiting, praying, seeking, and hoping for information about my brother, Herby (Capt. Herbert C Crosby). He was … Continue reading

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National POW/MIA Day 2015

It’s National POW/MIA Day 2015. You see that black and white POW/MIA flag every day, even if you don’t realize it, you see this flag. It’s most likely you don’t even know a POW or MIA soldier. However, if you … Continue reading

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POW/MIA Update – July 13, 2015

PROVIDED BY THE POW/MIA NATIONAL LEAGUE OF POW/MIA FAMILIES:  AMERICANS ACCOUNTED FOR:  There still has been no published change to the number  unaccounted-for since the April 10th Update.  For various reasons, including wishes of the family, DoD announcements are often delayed far beyond the … Continue reading

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