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Merry Christmas George Andrew (Andy) Howes

This photo is of the grave of George Andrew (Andy) Howes on December 10, 2011, after being decorated and honored by Wreaths Across America. Thank you Diehard, Digits, and all Vietnam Veterans who particpated in this honorable event. Love you … Continue reading

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POW/MIA Recognition Day 2011-Wear Black for Support

Tomorrow, Friday, September 16, 2011, take a moment to remember our fallen heroes from all wars who were/are prisoners of war and missing in action.     It’s National POW/MIA Recognition Day 2011. The current Administration is trying to cut … Continue reading

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Firebird Nine One Crew Drawing by Massachusetts Artist

This pencil drawing was given to our family at the funeral of WO George A. (Andy) Howes earlier this month in Arlington, Virginia. The drawing was done by artist Gina Johnson of Woburn, MA. Gina has sketched many military members … Continue reading

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Capt. Crosby Funeral by Rolling Thunder

Last month I contacted the president of the Viriginia Chapter 3 Rolling Thunder to invite them to the funeral of WO3 George Andrew Howes at Arlington National Cemetery, August 5.  This chapter, including many, many other Rolling Thunder chapters across … Continue reading

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Welcome Home American Hero-George Andrew Howes

​ Today, August 1, 2011, WO3 George Andrew (Andy) Howes comes home to Knox, Indiana. It’s been over 40 years, way too long, but he is finally home. The whole town is expected to welcome home their hero. Escorted by … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Captain Crosby

“Mom, Mom!,” yelled the little boy running into the house with excitement. “Mom. Guess what?” “What son?,” mom asked. “Someone else has a birthday today too!” “Well Herby, how do you know that?” “Because their house has a flag hanging … Continue reading

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Burial of Additional Remains-Capt. Herbert C. Crosby

April 8, 2011. Arlington National Cemetery. Cold. Raining. Somber. Touching. Respectful. Honor. Tears. Love. Laughter. Family. Friend. Comrade.  It was all of those and more. I wasn’t sure what to expect that day. Wasn’t sure how the service would be held, … Continue reading

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