Capt. Herbert C Crosby, US Army

Crosby to Nam

May 30, 1947 – January 10, 1970

MIA Vietnam January 10, 1970
Remains Identified July 2006
Interred May 25, 2007
Arlington National Cemetery,
Arlington, Virginia
Section 60: Plot 557

Additional Remains Identified December 2010
Interred above previous remains April 2011

J-2 Report: Case 1547 Quang Nam Province, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

2 Responses to Capt. Herbert C Crosby, US Army

  1. Chuck Davis says:

    My wife & I still have a pow/mia bracelet from the Vietnam War with the name of Capt.Herbert Crosby 1-10-70. Anyone interezted?


    • Interested yes! For some reason this is first time I’ve seen your message, and I check regularly, so apologies for delayed reply. Thank you for wearing the bracelet. Some folks send them back and some like to keep them. I’m thankful you had one…you cared when so many did not. If you would like to keep it please do, but if you ‘d like to return that’s fine too. Let me know and I’ll send a mailing address. Thank you again for caring and wearing his bracelet. If you don’t mind please let me know when and why you got a bracelet as I’m putting together memoirs about the bracelets. Marylou


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