Crosby Army ROTC Scholarship

ERAU-logoThe Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Army ROTC Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of Herbert C. Crosby, referred to as the Crosby Army ROTC Fund, was established to honor US Army Captain Herbert C. “Herby” Crosby’s selfless dedication to the Nation.

  • The scholarship is made available to eligible cadets pursuing their academic degree at Embry-Riddle AU Daytona Beach Campus enrolled as members of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (AROTC) program [Eagle Battalion]. The scholarship is awarded at the annual award ceremony for the Eagle Battalion usually a month before graduation and their commissioning. It’s given to a deserving cadet who is in need of financial support.

Donations can be mailed to:

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Office of Development
600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
                                   [Please note on check: Crosby Army ROTC Scholarship]

Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2019: CDT Gilbert Price. Gilbet Price is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He has excelled in the classroom, with a current 3.96 GPA to prove his work ethic and desire to learn
  • 2018: CDT Miles Anthony. Miles Anthony is third generation military with GPA of 3.72 who wants to be an Army Aviator, or specialize in EOD bomb technology. He’s got an amazing career already.
  • 2017: CDT Shane Strutt. Cadet Strutt is currently studying Software Engineering with a 3.4 GPS. He plans to branch in either Military Intelligence of the Cyber Corps.
  • 2016: CDT Marcelo Gonzales de Mendoza. Cadet Mendoza was deployed twice to Operation Iraqi Freedom and once to Kuwait. He is currently working on his degree and will pass his experience on to other soldiers as a commissioned officer.
  • 2015: CDT Julia FrassettoCadet Frassetto is a fine young woman who has devoted herself to serving our country while furthering her education with the Army ROTC. Her bio will certainly tell what a superb person she is, including her 4.0 GPA.
  • 2014: CDT Bruce V. Federico. Cadet Federico is waiting for his commission orders for his new assignment upon his commission next month. Such an intelligent young man with a desire to defend our country in infantry.
  • 2013: CDT Mitchell Phelps. Cadet Phelps will be continuing his engineering and physics studies for another year. He’s sure to play a part in our country’s space exploration.
  • 2012: CDT Robert Fry, Jr. Cadet Fry, following his upcoming graduation will pursue a Homeland Security degree with the Army.
  • 2011:   CDT Austin Moore Cadet Moore, the 2011 scholarship recipient will be commissioned May 2011 headed for Fort Rucker, Alabama, to become a helicopter pilot.
  • 2010:  CDT Frank Gooch Cadet Gooch is from Altamonte Springs, Florida. He had always dreamed about becoming a military pilot. In 2008 he enrolled at Embry Riddle and became a member of the Army ROTC.
  • 2009:  CDT Catlan Sardina Cadet Sardina, the 2009 scholarship recipient commissioned with honors, headed to Alaska, then Special Teams with sights of being Army chaplain.
  • 2008: CDT Benjamin Boxler Cadet Boxler was the first recipient of the Crosby Scholarship and in being so the US Army ROTC Eagle Battalion and Embry-Riddle hosted a special presentation ceremony. US Army NASCAR #8 was on display during this inagural ceremony.

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