Forty-six Years Ago Today – January 10, 1970

herby crosby 1969I can’t believe it’s been 46 years ago today that my brother, Herby, left this world. A tragic casualty of war, the Vietnam war. “Life goes on,” so “they” say, yet the memories, the love remain deep-rooted, strong, if not stronger than ever in my heart.

Today I celebrate Herby. Tears of love roll gently down my face bursting when hitting the desk as I write. They glisten like crystal prisms from the light shining through the window to the right of me. Those wet sparkles somehow give me assurance that his death was not in vain. His sparkle of life touched everyone he came in contact with over his short time on this earth. He left many precious gifts to us all, and that’s what I celebrate today.

Young Army ROTC cadets have received scholarships, his comrades have become my friends, my brothers they are, and his sparkling personality, his charm is forever cemented in his family and friend’s hearts.

I was 11 years old when he joined the Army in 1966. I thought it was the most exciting, wonderful thing to be a sister of a soldier. Being so young at the time, I didn’t realize how precious every day was to have my brother around.

I so wish there would have been many precious memories made with Herby following this day in 1970, but that didn’t happen.

I strive to keep his honor, his legacy alive in any way I can. He is my passion. I am surrounded by not only his keepsakes and photos, but with colorful fabrics of those in my family who are gone, all of which give me comfort.

Herby, forever that fun-loving big brother whom I still adore, I miss you.

Remembering and honoring today, Firebird Nine One, Capt. Herbert C Crosby, and his crew, WO George “Andy” Howes, SP5 Wayne C. Allen, and SP4 Francis G. Graziosi.

firebird nine one crew drawing

Firebird 91 Crew

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1 Response to Forty-six Years Ago Today – January 10, 1970

  1. Jerry L Fenton says:

    Dear name is Jerry Fenton. I am a classmate of your brother Herb from helicopter school. In fact we were “stick buddies” during the Fort Wolters phase. By sheer coincidence I was talking about Herb today with my wife, saying that we needed to take a trip to “the wall” since it had been many years since our last visit there. I had known through other classmates that Herb was missing but nothing beyond that. My wife, Debby, immediately picked up her ipad and within seconds(of course) found your post. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed and overcome with emotion. And I also cannot believe the coincidence of the date, January 10, since I had none of those details. I have never forgotten Herb and have thought of him many times over the years and have always wondered what happened. I am very pleased to hear that you have been given closure and hope that it brings you some level of comfort. All the the while knowing that it will never replace your loss. I will never forget your ‘Herby’ . He was a great friend and colleague. I only knew him a short while but long enough to know that he was a great guy.

    Jerry L Fenton
    LTC, US Army Retired


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